LAMY was founded in Champagne in 1949 by a family that has lived by and for TEXTILE and LITERIE for at least 6 generations.

Our core business: Textile decoration, bedding and linen for hotels, communities, hospitals. In these different areas, NONFEU is our second nature.

We listen, advise and equip more than 10,000 customers in mainland France, overseas territories, Europe and Africa. Our ability to adapt, both to changes in the environment and especially to the requirements of professionals, make our reputation. LAMY is now an integrator that allows all categories of Communities to develop their premises for accommodation, toilet, comfort and improved reception.

Compliance with standards, especially in terms of fire safety, has always been one of our priorities. The same applies to the practical application of ecological measures that optimize the defense and protection of our common good, the Earth. Historically based at CHALONS EN CHAMPAGNE, LAMY is represented throughout France.

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