How to choose your PVC windows ?

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How to choose your PVC windows ?
Sunday, October 27, 2013Description :
To help you in your choice, we have developed a concise guide, with the main features of a window, allowing you to identify a quality PVC window and to compare several specifications in a reasoned way.

The number of air knives contained in the profile is particularly important. In general, the higher the number of air slides, the higher the quality of the performance to be achieved.

Our PVC windows use only 5 (see the Isol70 Q) or 6 air knives (see the Isol82 Q model) for a longer service life compared to products on the market with only 3 or 4 blades of air.

There are now a hundred models of glazing with different characteristics. Good glazing must first ensure the thermal and acoustic insulation of the dwelling, and must preferably filter the UV rays of the sun.

All these performances allow you to realize concrete savings on the energy bill, reducing the heating and cooling costs of your home.

Our range of PVC windows provides, as standard, selective low emissivity glazing and containing argon gas produced by the world's leading company Saint Gobain.

Selective low-emissivity glazing (also known as "solar control glazing") intelligently filters the sun's rays.

The external surface blocks heat from the sun's rays while allowing daylight to enter, while the inner surface of the glazing, covered with metallic oxides, retains internal heat, thus avoiding any dispersion.

The argon gas, supplied in series, is an inert gas filling the interior of the air knife, thus enabling the insulating power of the window to be increased subsequently.

Always ask to obtain a ribbon fitting, ie a fitting present on the entire perimeter of the leaf fulfilling an anti-burglary function.

In order to offer your home and your family optimum protection, we use the Maico Multi-Matic fitting as standard, a specific type of anti-intrusion fitting with several closing points. The Multi-Matic fitting has special mushroom stops that work both when the leaf is closed and when the leaf is tilted.

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