EFAFLEX is a renowned manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors for internal and external building use. The diverse product line is designed with the highest quality finish and innovative technology in detail. In addition, the company has built in recent years a dense network of own subsidiaries. Sales, customer service and supply of spare parts come from a single site and are both close to the customer.

EFAFLEX - 30 years of success

The company has been in existence for 30 years, and currently employs more than 800 people worldwide. The head office with production is located in Bruckberg (Bavaria), just 20 minutes from Munich Airport. From there is coordinated the sales network, which covers the 5 continents. In addition, there are subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Holland and Japan.

The superior quality is the result of 30 years of experience.

EFAFLEX - the commercial philosophy

An important success factor is the commercial philosophy: EFAFLEX's own trend-oriented developments ensure constant progress. Many features, primarily patented designs, are synonymous with exemplary durability, reliability, the highest level of safety and minimal maintenance costs. Most buildings are designed for at least 150,000 annual cycles.

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