In the interest of the quality of our products and the safety of their use, we pay a lot of attention to the testing and testing of DMX products. This would not be possible without our laboratory which is currently one of the few test centers of this type that specialize in testing carpenter fittings.

Before going to our warehouses, and therefore to the stores, a product is subjected to several tests. We check compliance with standards such as PN-EN14545 and our internal quality standards. The results of our tests are confirmed by the certification centers that remain in cooperation with us such as Czech TZUS, Polish Institute of Building Technology ITB and Gda'sk Polytechnic.

Since our standards often exceed common standards, testing in Polish and European centers is a formality for us. For a good product, you need a good project. However, it must always be ensured that the products delivered to consumers are safe and adapted to specific tasks. It is the task of a specialized cell that checks every batch of fittings that leaves the factory. It is a multi-step control process and therefore more efficient.

Our products are subjected to several rigorous quality tests. They are all made with specialized control and measurement equipment. We believe that for the development of quality, it is necessary to acquire and enrich the knowledge which must also be documented.

For each product, we have a technological sheet, drawings and the history of test reports. This allows us not only a quick implementation of new products that meet the requirements of European standards, but also the optimization of solutions on the market. Our currencies are: Security, Progress and Repetitiveness.

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