D + H CDC Series Chain Motors Mechatronic, a solution for PVC windows

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D + H CDC Series Chain Motors Mechatronic, a solution for PVC windows
Saturday, September 20, 2014Description :
D + H Mechatronic will be presenting its new window drive systems at Equip'baie, from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 November. As a major international supplier of smoke extraction (DENFC) and natural ventilation systems, D + H will present the CDC, CDP, KA chain motor series and the DAC control unit.

CDC Series chain motors are among the acclaimed products of the brand. Many contractors and installers use them regularly on their work sites. Very compact, these powerful mechanisms adapt almost invisibly to all types of windows. At the Equip'baie show, D + H will present, for the first time in France, its CDC solutions to be integrated into PVC windows. This adjustable mechanism ensures natural ventilation. As of this fall, window manufacturers will be able to offer a preview of this intelligent and secure concept to their customers.

Another advantage is that the CDC Series requires very little assembly work without sacrificing safety and functionality. The individually programmable CDC motor is equipped with an "?-Controller" electronic control system, allowing, among other things, separate adjustment of the opening strokes and the closing or opening speeds. In order to comply with the "Machines" directive, the motor closes at a rate less than or equal to 5 mm per second and opens in case of obstacles in the closing zone. For added safety, an acoustic signal transmitter can be optionally integrated as well as a protective edge on the closing edge.

While the engine moves slowly and quietly in ventilation mode, a "high speed" function ensures a particularly fast opening of the windows in case of fire.

CDP - A solution for roof windows DENFC

For DENFC roof windows, which are particularly heavy, D + H has designed a series of high-performance CDP chain motors. These products combine ventilation comfort and state-of-the-art smoke extraction technology without altering the aesthetics of facades or roofs.

This combination of power and design is made possible by a high performance gear motor, combined with a hardened steel chain that is particularly resistant to pressure. The set is skilfully concealed in a compact aluminum housing. In spite of its power, the new CDP (available in 24 V version) has a current consumption of only 4 A, an energy saving device. The VNR (Ventilation Noise Reduction) mode, developed by D + H, also provides a particularly quiet mode of ventilation. In case of fire, the proven BSY + technology, allowing the synchronization of four motors, ensures total safety.

KA - A solution for facades, roof windows and light domes

The tried and tested KA motors from D + H Mechatronic are truly versatile. From December onwards, it will be possible to discover their great adaptability, even in the most ambitious architectural solutions, like the future Musée des Confluences in Lyon (inaugurated on 19 December). In this building, more than 300 KA motors have been installed. Usable for almost all types of windows and adaptable to all constraints, this classic D + H exists in different dimensions and power variants. With a pushing and pulling force of up to 600 N and a stroke length of up to 1,300 mm, KA's technology has proven itself. This solution is ideal for façades, roof windows and cupolas.

The built-in high-speed function, which ensures that the window is opened in only 60 seconds, as well as the temperature stability of 30 min / 300 ° C, ensures ultimate safety.

BSY + - A synchronization system for several motors

The electronic synchronization system BSY + allows the simultaneous control of several motors. The microprocessor controlled PLP motor system is available for direct control via the power cable.

For safety reasons, the KA series motors are all equipped with an active and passive anti-pinch protection system, protecting the main closing edge. The latter can be expanded if necessary by directly connecting a protective edge.

D + H has specially designed the KA-TW for particularly wide and heavy wings. In this configuration, two chains of the motor ensure optimum application of force to the leaf.

The DAC 4503-T Series is a best-seller among the smoke extraction controls. As with all D + H products, facilities designed for use in confined spaces, such as stairwells, offer high levels of equipment comfort and use. For example, it is possible to integrate a maintenance programmer to monitor the frequency of technical revisions, activate numerous alarm or fault functions, and adjust many functions such as limiting the duration of ventilation Or the adjustment of the opening stroke.

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